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Our Aims

It's time public interests were put before corporate interests

We aim to ensure the interests of the Australian public are put before the interests of unaccountable corporations whose major responsibility is to create ever increasing profits for their major shareholders, irrespective of the human, social, environmental and national costs. That tiny section of society that owns the means of production, distribution, exchange and communication have become so powerful that they are now instrumental in setting the parliamentary agenda and determining who governs us. It's time we put public interests first!


Public Interests Before Corporate Interests was formed in February 2015 in Frankston, Melbourne. PIBCI is both a political party and a direct action group.
PIBCI was formed to once and for all change the way politics is conducted in the 21st century in Australia. Over the past forty years we have witnessed a radical transformation in Australian society that has resulted in power and wealth been transferred from the hands of those with the least to those with the most. In 1975, 66.6% of the profits made by investors went into the pockets of the workers who created those profits while 33.4% went into the pockets of investors. In 2019, 44 years later only 33.4% of profits go into the pockets of workers’ while 66.6% go into the pockets of investors.

Unfortunately, during this period we have seen a growth of political parties and social movements that blame deteriorating economic conditions on people of different races, religions, cultures and nationalities.
The use of fear as a political and social political strategy has divided the nation and pitted Australians against Australians.

The problem revolves around both the way wealth is created and distributed in Australia. Parliamentary democracy has been hijacked by that small section of society who own the means of production, distribution, exchange and communication. Parliament no longer represents the will of the people. Growing disillusionment with a parliamentary system that seems both unwilling and incapable of serving the interests of everybody in the community, not just a powerful minority, needs to be urgently addressed.

Public Interests Before Corporate Interests was formed to address the question of growing inequality and powerlessness in Australia.
We welcome people from all cultures, nationalities, those who were born here and those who were born overseas. We welcome people of all sexual orientations and genders. We welcome citizens, we welcome permanent residents, refugees and asylum seekers. We wish to unite and not divide Australians.

We are the people we’ve been waiting for!


GPO BOX: 20 Parkville, 3052


Mobile: 0439 395 489